Restore your testosterone levels with D Aspartic Acid

If you are suffering from low sex drive and looking for easy ways to boost your testosterone levels, then think no more! D Aspartic Acid by Wicked Supplements is an effective supplement that has shown positive result in raising total testosterone by 42% in just 12 days time. Yes! You’ve read that right!D Aspartic Acid containing 100% natural d-amino acid can convert cholesterol into testosterone. The product contains no unnatural steroids, herbs, hormones or stimulants and hence it is totally safe for use.

DAA helps men in improving T-levels and keeps them fit and healthy. It is a powerful LH booster and directly up-regulates transfer of cholesterol for creation of testosterone. Sounds amazing, right! Want to know about how it works? Read on.

The starting material for different types of hormones is cholesterol. Mitochondria is responsible for collecting nearby cholesterol. As cholesterol cannot pass mitochondria walls on its own, a special steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (sTAR) is assigned to do the job. DAA can effectively increase Mitochondrial sTAR by 90% and hence plays an active role in replication of sTAR protein. sTAR then pulls cholesterol into the mitochondria of the cell following which the cholesterol starts converting into testosterone. More the number of sTAR in the mitochondria, more the transport and conversion of cholesterol into testosterone in response to stimulus.

Live a healthy life and enhance your testosterone output from the testes with the help of DAA.


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