All About the Wondrous Palm Fruit

Not a lot of people would be aware of the botanical term Elaeis guineensis; however a few might be familiar with the term African oil palm. This is a palm tree that is native to southwest Africa, and the oil extracted from its fruits is quite close to miraculous. While in Africa, the oil has been used for centuries, the modern world has started discovering its benefits only recently.

Also known as palm fruit, the concentrate is now being used in modern medicine and has been proven to have some great effects. For instance, when combined with certain other elements, the essence of this fruit is known to increase hair growth as well as reduce the loss of the same. In addition, the oil is also known to increase HDL, while effectively reducing LDL levels in the body. One of the greatest benefits discovered about this fruit is the fact that it can remove plaque, which tends to accumulate on the walls of the arteries.

However, this product has found greatest use with companies that produce health supplements. When used in the right combination, palm fruits are known to increase the production of testosterone as well as enhance testicular functionality.  Since it is also known to increase the absorption of LH and HCG in the blood stream, it is considered a great product to use, for those undergoing PCT.

Even though palm fruits are natural, the medicinal form of the same should be utilised under professional guidance and consumed only as per proper instructions.


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