Medical values of palm fruit that you were unaware of

You must be well aware of palm fruit. But I bet, you are least aware about the medicinal values this fruit carries that can contribute to your health and well being.

Yes! You’ve heard that right! Palm fruits and their extracts are widely used in Medicine and Healtcare industry due to their rich vitamin E source and tocotrienols that prevents lung, prostrate, breast and liver cancer. In fact, palm oil also plays a significant role in burning fat calories besides increasing the metabolic rate. If you are suffering from obesity, then palm oils can prove to be a great fat-buster.

Wait! That’s not all! Palms fruits, also known as Elaies guineensis help in improving immunity and liver detoxifying channels. They actively help in promoting nutrient utilization within the body. Rich in beta-carotene and lycopene it cures muscular degeneration in old age that leads to vision loss. What’s more? Read on.

Extracts of this fruit are used in the production of TocoCaps. This product helps in improving endocrine and cardiovascular system and is basically a tocotrienol complex. It offers significant health benefits and is a powerful antioxidant that reduces cholesterol, prevents hair loss, maintains good artery function and helps to fight alopecia. It has also shown positive results in increasing testosterone production capacity in men.

So, what are you waiting for? Remember, a healthy mind can reside in a healthy body. If you wish to regain your health and vitality think of such products that can help you in living a healthy life.


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